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由新媒體藝術、材質創作與建築設計等不同領域創作者共同組成,嘗試在不同空間場域中,捕捉其中細微的感知與動態,藉此在人造與自然的對話中,重新定義人與空間的關係,透過策劃各種展演的方式,試圖去回應現在我們所處的時代,使感知獲得一種新的追尋與判別。而依循著我們的創作方法,除了策展之外「作日製作Daylight effect Production」更延伸出「404N.F」這個獨立的品牌,專注於裝置藝術的實驗開發與創造。

Comprised of creators from various fields such as new media arts, material creation, and architectural design, we endeavor to capture subtle perceptions and dynamics within different spatial contexts. Through this dialogue between artificial and natural elements, we seek to redefine the relationship between people and space. By curating various exhibitions and events, we strive to respond to the era we live in, providing a new pursuit and discernment of perception. Following our creative approach, in addition to curating, "Daylight effect Production" has extended to establish the independent brand "404N.F", focusing on the experimental development and creation of installation art.

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