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Bursting, Refracting,Diverging



“plague X firecrackers X fireworks X bees X the city

gate X safety helmets X religious beliefs X history X face masks.” The beehive firecrackers have evolved over time since the beginning under the order of Guan Gong. “Refraction” happens throughout the evolution process, while it reshapes the next phase of explosion in a creative and unexpected way. Then we came to realize that continual mutations are meant to keep traditions alive. Even the scenery of the port has changed over the years, the stream still flows through the channel, just as people in Yanshui love their culture and want to keep them alive forever.

With a focus on three core concepts: “Bursting, refracting, and diverging,” this series of works are not only a bold effort to interpret the display of beehive firecrackers, but as a metaphor for cultural development, which starts with linear progress and ends with eruption. In the end, a unique cultural tradition is thus born out of an intertwining of real and virtual worlds.

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