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Dry Mountain And Water

404 N.F

不斷梳理與重複性的塑造過程,打破恆常時間的垂直積累,醞釀身子與精神的參照與堆疊 - 「乾燥的山和水」展現縮微的地景不經意漣起的後生禪意。於地景中「自然」的意思非是以「大自然」所概括,而是指未經修飾與掩飾的加工過程,有意識的努力,刻意不讓自然隨心所欲地順其道而行。乾燥的山與水維繫著脆弱的秩序,試圖傳達打破恆常的變異如是不完美的缺陷,或將於「減去」的過程中,執著與迷失逐漸趨於平息甚至內化。作品試圖將過程作為遺留的後生符號,以行動軌跡為主體,參與塑造過程不斷梳理與重複性的運動,打破恆常時間的垂直積累,醞釀身體與精神的參照與堆疊。光影符號隨時間與人流逐步積累,產生時間場域堆疊的光影變化。

"Dry Mountain and Water" Description : It shows the epigenetic Zen inadvertently arising from the miniature landscape. The meaning of "nature" in the landscape is not summed up in "nature", but refers to the unmodified and disguised process, a conscious effort, deliberately not to let nature follow its own path. Dry mountains and water maintain a fragile order, trying to convey the imperfection of the variation that breaks the constant, or gradually subside or even internalize in the process of "subtraction".The work attempts to treat the process as the remaining symbol of the afterlife, with the action trajectory as the main body, participate in the continuous combing and repetitive movement of the shaping process, break the vertical accumulation of constant time, and brew the reference and stacking of the body and the spirit. The symbols of Light and shadow gradually accumulate over time and the flow of people, resulting in stacked light and shadow changes in the time field.

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