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「⾒⼭仍是⼭,⾒⽔仍是⽔」—— 風景不只是風景,它如同意識凝聚般,⽽⼈們流動⽽不規則的感知則充斥其中,成為了⼼中的⼀種精神景觀。在這檔展覽當中,試圖於疫情⾝體受於限制的時代,透過作品開啟新的視角,喚起觀者個人經驗便足一切,試圖將單一、無修飾的經驗突破事物表層的概念結構。與其一一指認,寧用直覺來感受客觀存在的空間,過程必然曖昧無常,事物其表面看起來天差地遠,但都是自己本心所有。


People’s consciousness of space is discontinuous and disorderly. Through perceptual informations provided by environment, it forms a fictional image from the individual. This process of consciousness is like a summoning ritual, mixed with common and personal experiences, connecting materials and memories of the past and present. We extend a “viewfinder” between reality and fiction, in which the body and mind are frozen. These scenes are no longer broken and inaccessible, and the uncertain consciousness has become a ubiquitous landscape. Just like the process of “Enlightenment (Satori)” in Zen, from “Seeing the mountains and waters as they are” to “ Seeing the mountain is still mountain, water still water.” Looking for a dissipating sense of existence in the stack of scenes and objects.


“Seeing the mountain is still mountain, water still water.” —the landscape is not just landscape, it is like consciousness, where people flows and the irregular perception is filled within, becoming a spiritual landscape in their own mind. In this exhibition, we attempt to open up a new perspective during this pandemic era, which physical body is under restrictions. Trying to breakthrough the surface of conceptual structure with single, unmodified experience. Using intuition to feel the objective existence of space rather than identifying it. The process would be ambiguous, and the definition of space seems far from it’s surface, but it’s all self-contained.

2023月津港燈節·新創燈區 — 「見山仍是山 見水仍是水 」

策展團隊 Curators 

作日製作Daylight Effect

展期 Exhibition period 

2023.01.14 – 02.12(春節期間照常展出)​

地點 Venue


藝術家 Artists 

李承亮 LI Cheng-Liang


廖昭豪 LIAO Chao-Hao

陳婉宜\吳聯吟 CHEN Wan-Yi \ WU Lian-Yin

指導單位 Supervisor


主辦單位 Organizer


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